Friday, December 10, 2010

Can I use your WC?

"Can I use your WC?"

We went to Lukang police station, we were kind of er........................ it was urgent :P
The police officer glazed at me, for almost 5 seconds (lol), said
"Sure, it's over there..."

It's okay, I don't think they mind, we are 4 pretty babes innocent girls plus 2 werewolves (HAHA)

After that, we stayed there for 5 minutes or so, actually should be around 10 minutes or longer than that, looked here and there, touched this and that...and checked the paintings hanging on the wall etc...

I felt something's wrong after a while, people started to stare...we thought we should leave. Unfortunately I was the last person stepped out from the police station.
"Hey..." the police called me

"huhuhu....don't arrest me" I almost cry
I made that up :P

"Yes?" I walked back to the front desk, pretend I'm "A" okay and looked into his eyes...
(1) Hey it was just WC, we peed and didn't steal their paintings...except the fact that we didn't flush the toilet bowl (kidding haha)
(2) Hey maybe he wanna get my cell number (HAHAHAHAHA)
(3) I dropped my handkerchief on the floor (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like those in the movies, except I don't have one)

"Are you from Hong Kong?"

"Huh?, I'm from Malaysia"



"....................but you speak Cantonese??"


"................................Malaysians speak Cantonese like Hong Kong?"

And so, I have to explain to him that not all Malaysians speak Cantonese, we speak Mandarin too, and Hakka and Hokkien and some other Chinese dialects as well... he looked so impressed, and suddenly I felt so weird proud. LOL! :P

Okay, some piccies here, tada~
4 babes

and 2 werewolves
Check what they're doing in front of police station? HAHA



Dr V said...

Great story! When you gotta gotta go. haha Fortunately your werewolves didn't harm your chances of using their WC. Most uncivilized werewolves spoil everything, when the use the police officer's head as a WC. So your werewolves must be from a different class. haha

I'm very impressed by how many languages Malaysians speak. Of course I know you're very fluent in every human language, and even some doggie languages. But still, it's interesting just how many languages people can speak in Malaysia. I am SUPER impressed!

So, when you were looking at the paintings in th epolice station, did you notice any stolen ones? What better place to hide stolen art than in a police station. haha As for not flushing the toilet...well I guess that problem grows depending on how much you had to drink. haha

Thanks for the great photos and the interesting story V V! Always a pleasure stopping by.