Monday, February 9, 2009

Back :)

Arrived KL at at 3pm this noon, plane arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected, which was GOOD, because I was sleepy to death. Have got to thank my mum for picking us up :)

Today is Chinese Valentine's day 元宵节, a.k.a. Latern Festival, which is also the last day of Chinese New Year, normally Kevin and I will spend the day together, but this year is different, sigh, should have stayed in Hainan Island for one more day! Nothing new today, just thought to say "Hi" to all of you after a long weekend :)

I just transferred photos we took in Hainan, Ooh Gosh!!! Let me guess...hmmm, more than 3000 photos?
Okay I'm going to check now...

Bingo! 3079!
I must delete some before burning it into dvds, alright, I should sleep now,
Have a happy day + sweet dreams :)



CathJ said...

waaaa lauuuu!!! 3000??????? But I am sooo interested to see.. ;-p

Dr V said...

WOW!!!!! You're really testing the limits of memory cards taking that many photos. Isn't digital photography great? We had to be a lot more frugal with our photographing when we had to use film. Now, everyone can shoot photos like the professionals do, just holding down the shutter button and filling up the memory. When I was doing film, I used to think that was so wasteful. Now I realize that what is really wasteful is not getting the quality of shot you wanted, and having to one-day return to re-take the scene. My, how times have changed.

Welcome back V V! Glad to know you had a great visit in China, and you're back home safe and sound. Give a big hug to Kevin for me.

violetmay said...

Yeah 3000's kinda take me forever to sort it out -_-"
I'm going to post some later :)

Dr V
I brought few memories cards, I think it took about 9GB or 10GB in total, quite terrible right? :S