Sunday, February 15, 2009

An extraordinary V's day

How many of you will celebrate your Valentine's Day in Batu Caves temple? We passed by Batu Caves last night after dinner (at 1am!) and apparently they are still celebrating Thaipusam, today is the last day. We parked and joined them

Okay before that we had our dinner in Dome

sorry wrong picture, haha

Somehow I looked sad..actually I'm not, I'm just very hungry, it was already 11pm :(

Honeycomb xxx


and fish and chips

my Valentine

Around 1am after dinner, we passed by Batu Caves and decided to join them :D

Still quite a lot of people although it was already 1am, but people were starting to leave the place :)

Many Indians friends, I thought I'm in India :D

The batu caves statue

Choosing Punjabi suit

Bought a few sets..weee~
You will see me in Punjabi suit soon ;)

Batu Caves is a very nice tourist spot, 'am thinking to visit this place again soon (in the morning or afternoon) so I can take nicer photos of the big statue and climb up to the cave! ^^



Kokenko said...

what an interesting way to celebrate V day.

CathJ said...

Wowww...all pink punjab....cuteee...

violetmay said...

Haha, yeah it was quite "interesting", especially it was already at 1am..belated V's day :P

I bought 5 sets, 4 in pink and one golden color..Gosh I just realized I bought so many pink colors -_-"

Dr V said...

Now we all can see that someone is really a grouch when she's not fed. haha We couldn't draw a smile on your face before the food arrived. Then when we see the ice cream...we can't get that happiness off your face no matter how we try. haha