Monday, February 16, 2009

A small get-together

8th day of CNY, went to Hsin Yin's house. She just recently married to a man (of course a man -_-"), actually not really "recently", it was few months back and I didn't get to meet her that time. That's why called her up and arrange a small gathering to her house.

Her husband loves dogs very much, they have got 3 dogs!
No photos with them ( I mean dogs), because I was busy chit chatting with Hsin Yin after didn't meet her for 2 years, or more than that I don't know. Around 6 years ago I got to know Hsin Yin from Demo Power, and I have Aw Yong and Lorraine to join us :D

I like their Golden Retriever very much :D
It is so huge (I think she is heavier than me, hahaha) and OMG so cute!!! I just realized I prefer big dogs
P/S: Not big cats, LOL :P

Hello I'm 5 years old

I'm sorry what's your breed again?
I'm bad in names :(
Hi I'm 3 years old

Hsin Yin and the dog she was carrying was only a few months old

Aw Yong and Lorraine
I used to call Aw Yong as "Nyok Nyok" and Lorraine "Lau Lin", a.k.a. Durian. Ah..back to those days :))


After that Aw Yong, Lorraine and I went to Just Dessert
It was really funny seeing her holding the menu like this

So we copied her :P

Red beans

Erm...what's this again?
I only remember it's tooo SWEET, 'm not going to order it again

I regret I didn't order that delicious Mango shaved ice

Curry fish balls

I think we will meet again by the end of the month :D



CathJ said...


Kokenko said...

I think that dog is a silky terrier.

Gosh, she's a beauty!

violetmay said...


Ooh...I'm not sure, but my friend she is golden retriever. So cute and beautiful, wish I will have one too :D

Dr V said...

Golden Retrievers are very popular family dogs in the US. They're great companions for kids. So if you're saying you want one, then you're really saying... haha

violetmay said... you think I'm saying...what? :P