Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hainan Day 2 you think I don't want to show you my Hainan's trip photos?
No...not like this, too many photos, I don't even know where to start -_-"

Went to few tourist spots to visit only, the main (maybe the only) objective for Kevin to travel is to please me...LOL!! Okay okay, I mean he wants to make me happy, he knows I love to go around :)
So tourist spots to him is like "Ooh, you wanna go? Okay let's go" and me? I only want to be "away" from where I'm in right now. Hahaha, I'm not implying anything, I love Malaysia, I love my country :)

Only 11 photos today, it's my day 2 in Hainan, in the morning

In the lift, going to have breakfast

Morning market,
15 minutes walking distance from our hotel

We had our breakfast in one of the stalls

My beef noodle

Kevin's fried rice
(Why he always order fried rice?!)

Haha, I just woke up only :P

I don't know if I should upload that 100+ in the famous 五公祠 (Five Official Memorial Temple)
Address 169 Haifu Dadao
Five Officials Memorial Temple is an attractive Ming temple (restored during the Qing dynasty) dedicated to five officials who were banished to Hǎinán in earlier times. The famous Song dynasty poet, Su Dongpo, was also banished to Hǎinán and is commemorated here. Take bus 11 or 12 and get off one stop after the east bus station.
Source: Lonely Planet

I will see how..maybe I will make 3 photo entries, hmmm



Unknown said...

More photos! :)

Dr V said...

Happy to hear that you understand Kevin so well, and I hope you never forget that.

Of course we know you love your country. It's also nice to understand the world outside the comforts of what's most familiar to us. That's what growing is all about, right? Best of all, at the end of all our travels, we can appreciate home even better.

P.S.: But don't think that you must travel all you can now, because you may not be able to travel later.

violetmay said...

Soon, very soon, uploading now :P

Dr V
Yes yes, after I marry him and have babies, I don't think I'm able to travel frequently :'(