Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New hairdo

Before I show you more of my current hairdo, let me bore you with my very boring long curly+black root hair :P
Freshly taken at the morning

Right cheek

Left cheek, hahaha

I didn't plan to for go a haircut yesterday, it was an accident, an unexpected event
I did have plan to go for a haircut because of split ends, but I thought maybe 2 weeks or a month later and maybe I will only chop the length of my palm off. Yesterday right after Kevin and I sing "K" in Greenbox Karaoke in Sungai Wang, Ah wait, photos first :P

Greenbox Karaoke in Sungai Wang

See, my hair was still long

I was so bored of my long hair, after singing session,

"Should I cut my hair today?" my brain didn't say that, but my mouth did, my brain and mouth aren't good friends to each other

"Okay" He didn't think twice

There are so many saloons in Sungai Wang, 5 minutes later I found a saloon which I think it's nice. Guess what? because the boss is a lady and she is pregnant. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

"Cut it short, please"

"Ooh, how short? How many inches?"

"Anything you like"


See, as simple as that

Around 30-45 minutes later

p/s: The girl in the picture is the pregnant lady boss, she is kinda sweet but I don't really like her because she kept asking me to buy hair treatment cream, shampoos, gels etc, I ended up buying a hair cream which I think I really need it

Pleaseeeeeeeeee, don't say you dislike my short hair, if you really think I look better in long hair, tell me 6 months later Okay?

Coffee bean & Tea Leaf

Chicago cheesecake
Coast to coast, LA to Chicago...western males.. :P

Back view

I cut my hair

Everybody says, I look younger now :)



CathJ said...

Yeahhh... o definately look younger (Eventho u still are young.. ;-D)..

Long hair also sexy.. short also cute..no matter what, as long as your BF is happy with it and you are happy with it... ;-)

Unknown said...

I like the new hair. Nice. :) And does Kevin think he's engaged to a totally new girl? ;)

* Nette * said...

U are looking good in your new bob cut! Younger and more vibrant :)

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, I think I look few years younger now :P
But right now after I washed my hair, it didn't look as good as yesterday, hmmmm...maybe because I didn't use hairdryer?

LOL! You have to ask him, I don't know :P

Thank you Annette! ^^
Didn't see you for a long time, maybe it's time to organize a small gathering :)))

Dr V said...

LOVE the new hair! Of course I also loved the previous hair too. ^_^ I know you were interested in a different look...and I think it it does a great job giving V V a stylish new look.

Hey, that toilet sign was missing something. They should have included the text of the conversation, where the woman is promising to pay the guy so much money if he climbs over the wall. hahaha