Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 1, Hainan Island

Last Wednesday midnight I went to Kevin's house, our flight was at 7am, supposed to leave his home the latest by 430am, so at 2am we thought to take a nap before we leave.


"Baby baby! It's 430am right now, we should pack and go!" Kevin woke me up, and he was kind of nervous

"Huh huh?
What the fuck? How is this possible?"
My alarm supposed to ring at 330am, how is this possible?!

I have a second wonder, if Kevin was sick or what

"My bro knocked the door just now, he said it's 430am right now!"

I got up immediately and checked the time, HOLY COW!!!!!!

We were going to miss the flight!!!

"Just change your clothes and go!!! No need to brush teeth and shower"
I almost screamed at him (OMG I couldn't believe I said I want to treat him nicer last night), I rushed to the washroom, just peed and got back to room, changed my clothes and put some other stuff inside his luggage that's it!
And NO I didn't brush my teeth, didn't shower and I didn't wash my face either

Our luggages were quite heavy, around 13kg each and that morning I managed to lift it up all the way from upstairs to the car parked outside.

445am, we were on the way to the airport
Kevin's brother Leo drove really fast, actually he knocked Kevin's door at 415am, but Kevin didn't know it was already 415am because my alarm didn't ring and he didn't set his alarm clock! Until 430am Leo knocked again and said "It's 430am right now"

Inside the car, I was really tired, I mean mentally
You see, on the 2nd day of CNY only I recalled I should have applied our China Visa earlier before Chinese New Year (I kept thinking about my Visa from 2nd day of CNY until the day I finally got my Visa, which means, I didn't really "enjoy" that much during CNY), and then, we paid extra RM28o additional fee to get it done the day I submitted the forms. And, now we are going to miss the flight

I must admit I was really upset in the car.

We reached the airport an hour later, at 550am, we rushed to the check in counter and see if it's still open and PHEW!
It was still on :)
Really have to thank Leo for waking us up :)))

Got in plane at 645am...I was so happy ^^
Travel guide we bought 2 weeks ago :D

hahahaha, I looked very funny right? Can't blame me, I just woke up not long ago, and didn't wash face and brush teeth :P

Now, don't just look at me, Kevin didn't brush teeth too!
That's our fisherman's friend, candy to replace toothpaste, now we can say Bye Bye to Oral ODOUR :P

Our breakfast, black pepper beef

Nasi Lemak

and a Hotdog

3 hours and 15 minutes later...
We reached Haikoi International Airport!
Ooh yeaaaaa finally we reached Hainan Island! :D

We got in a taxi after bargained with a few taxi driver, RMB60 (around Ringgit Malaysia RM30) from airport to city center, considered OK because it was peak season. The taxi driver was friendly, he knew we didn't book any hotels, and so he introduced us a hotel in Haikou city centre, he didn't get commssions from the hotel, I know, because he just stopped at one of the hotels and asked me to go in and checked if there are rooms still available and to see if the price was reasonable, otherwise he will stop us at another hotel to check. That is 金亚美 hotel, the location of the hotel is really convenient to us, easy to get taxi, tricycle, bus, and lots of shopping malls, not to mention their night markets. What's more? It's a 3-star and room per night is only RMB15o, which is RM75 only!! :)

P/S: Well, I will never choose a 5-star hotel when I travel, because it's kind of stupid to me, what for? You pay so much and you go out very early in the morning and got back late at night, I just need a room just to put my not so expensive stuff, a bathroom to wash the dirt away and a bed to sleep ;)
Okay okay, now I admit I'm stingy :P
But wei!! This also means I have more cash to shop!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee (my main objective for saving cents)
The view from our room,
hmm..not so nice but who cares? ;)

Silly Kevin, he was really tired

And me, before I slept

Well in fact we checked in at 12pm, we have a whole day to spend for our first day, guess what...our first "stop" was... bed. HAHAHAHAHA, we were too tired, we slept for a few hours and woke up realized it was already 6pm. We shower, brushed our teeth (finally!) and got out for dinner
This is Rainbow Overhead bridge

I didn't want to take photos because I just washed my hair and looked funny

In Weiquan 味权 Restaurant (this is their fast food restaurant!)

Foods we ordered
Fish Tofu

Black pepper beef with bell peppers (again?!)

braised Chinese mushrooms with Japanese cucumber

Not forgetting soup!

Actually I ordered Papaya soup, why it came out like this?

congee, with sweet potatoes 土瓜粥

What a "big pot" for both of us..hehee!

Weiquan, Yum! ^^

How much all together? If you wonder..
Around RMB50 (RM25), which is not really cheap, just try to imagine the foods sold in the roadside stalls nearby only around RMB5 (RM2.50) per plate ;)

Some random shots

The weather in Hainan Island is like Genting Highlands, because it's spring...kind of cold :)

There is one thing I would like to say, only 1 out of 20 women wear skirts in Hainan Island (maybe because of spring?), and I didn't see any of them wearing heels like me, all of them either wearing boots or sports shoes, all covered. You won't get to see their toes (except for those who's wearing slippers in morning market, hahaha).

I didn't think of that at first, I only felt really strange and weird on the 1st day, because whenever I walked, people staring at me, from head to toes, I was like "what the phuck why look at me like this? Do I look like a prostitute?"

Then slowly I discovered why :)
Only fools will wear like me during spring, HAHAHA :P

more randoms more very stupid thing, how on earth I forgot to take photos of the hotel we stayed in, Holy COW!! I hope I will still remember this hotel the next time I go to Hainan Island

more more shots

Night market

Eat by the roadside seems to be a very GOOD and COOL idea in Hainan :D


P/s: Check around, lots of rubbishes around us, hahaha

Grilled seafoods/meats


Pigeon Congee
They will slaughter in front of you, please NO

Alright, last picture of Day 1

Violet Lingerie..



CathJ said...

Thank u soo much for 'bringing me' together to Hainan..LOL..feels I am there already by looking at the photo.. VERY NICE!!!! I Knw there is more photo and story... ;-p...

I am waitingggg... ;-P

violetmay said...

I'm very happy you like my photos, more to come more to come, hahahaha :P