Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 2, 五公祠, Five Officials Memorial Temple in Hainan Island

Just decided, I will make some photos entries :)
Day 2 in Hainan Island

Oops, only photos, go away if you hate my cheeky smile :P
49 photos

Photos before we went to 五公祠, Five Officials Memorial Temple
Kevin looked handsome in his red jacket ;)
AhEmmM! I bought that :P

In bus, on the way to that temple

Are you looking for job?


The map of the temple.
Actually there are several temples here, there's a lake, parks, muzeum etc. We spent around 3 hours in this place, the entrance fee is...I forgot how much, roughly RMB20-RMB50

保安 Guardhouse, hahaha
I think it's an abandoned guardhouse

Wanna know what's inside this beautiful building?
You will see more tomorrow...or, day after tomorrow, hahaha :P



CathJ said...

I love blogs with lots of photos.. ;-).... If only words.. I might shut down immediately... hahahha....

Mike said...

We love your smile Violet!!

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, I love blogs with lots of photos too, I don't really like to "read" blogs, I prefer "see" :P

Hehehee, I hope others agree with you :P