Thursday, February 12, 2009

Renri 人日

Renri 人日
1st of Feb 2009,
It was my dad's birthday,
my mum's birthday,
my sisters' birthday,
my brother's birthday,
my baby's birthday,
my birthday,
your birthday,
his birthday,
her birthday,
okay okay, it was everybody's birthday!
Happy birthday to all of you! ^^

Seeing me wearing like a big Ang Pao (red envelope), you should know it was a great day :D
Anyway I don't think I will wear it for the 2nd time, I'm too old for the big cartoons printed on :S

I'm thinking to give away some of my dresses, clothes...who wants to take over? :D

Renri is the 7th day of every Chinese New Year, we went to visit my uncle and aunt in PJ. I always love to see them, it's nothing to do with the Ang Pao ;) I like them because they always smile! ^^
My aunt

It was the 7th day...not much cookies left :(
Never mind never mind, I need to control my diet, hahaha :P


My dad and uncle

Photo before we left their place :)

This is what my aunt gave us, don't know what it's called in english, it is to record your family histories

In car, on the way home
What do you normally do in car when you are bored?

Do you take photos of yourself?

Okay, back at home
Preparing Yusheng/Yu shang/lou shang or whatever you call
It's only RM10 from Jusco Shopping Mall, it was too last minute and we didn't have other choices, but anyway it tasted really good :)

We didn't buy fish, we don't really like raw fish, so we used mandarin oranges to replace


and some eggs

Mum made Chinese style spaghetti

I don't know what you think about the veggies on top, I thought it's kind of funny :P

Mum gave Kevin Ang Pao

Me posing with Yusheng

Some happy photos :D

Shaky hands, who took this? -_-"

It was our birthday, birthday cake is a must!

Happy birthday to you :D

It looks so good

I didn't want to cam whore alone, so I "forced" my family members to cam whore with me :P
My dad

Cute mum and dad

Joan the rabbit :P

Weng, surprised? :P

I'm gonna lick it lick it...LOL!

and Kevin!

Photo of me and my darling
Couldn't be sweeter ;)

Us, failed to act cute

I LOVE my family :)
Eling was in Johor Bahru, and Michell and Michael family didn't manage to catch up with us that day, because babies were sick :(


Singing birthday song to each other

Cutting cake with Joan

My cute bro Weng

Bottled sour plum..tasted yikes..
I prefer fresh sour plum juices

I'm rich! :D

The most loveliest mum!

the woman I love most in the world, and universe

Last pic of the day

Compared to 2 years ago
Violet and the butterfly

WHAT THE?!?!!?!?!?!!??!!?!!!!!!
I gained so much weight!



Kokenko said...

I found your blog via flickr. This is my first comment here. I see you have a lovely family and good friends around you. Having fun is important in life too, don't you think? Good showing.

Kokenko said...

p.s: I added a link to this blog. Hope you don't mind

CathJ said... so nice!!!!! Now I knw where u got the cute face.. ;-)

Mmmm.. u look nice with straight hair lah... ;-)... but sexy with curls...

violetmay said...

Hello :)
Thank you for the visit and 'am sure I don't mind about the link :D
I really love my family..isn't that obvious? Kakaka :P

Your son is very cute too! I wanna bite his cheeks whenever I see his photo (OMG I'm such a dangerous person) :P
Anyway I really miss my straight hair..but now I'm considering to cut it short, too many split ends!

Dr V said...

Happy birthday to you all!!!! haha Thanks for sharing the beautiful family photos with us. You have such a nice looking family.

Now that I said the nice things, what's happening when the camera is taking pictures of people and food? I see everyone gets too excited to even take pictures when the food is there. haha

Finally, if you're a Red Envelope, then who were you a present for? HUH? hahaha

P.S.: The only changes I see from the photo 2 years ago, is you're gaining weight from worries...that's right, from worrying about your weight. ^_^

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I'm Kevin's present :P