Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands

I thought I was really going home when I took these few photos

Me, being not so happy :(

Somehow Kevin still have mood to talk on phone while his right ear was still painful. Hmmm ok, mouth and ears are different :P

Just when I thought we were about to leave...

We passed by Chin Swee Caves Temple! :D
I went to Chin Swee Caves Temple with my family members about 7 years ago, that was long ago and this time I found the temple/surroundings have changed tremendously! :D

Mainly photos :)
You should go to check it out yourself if the last time you went was years ago, like me

My backside, you will see lots of them in this entry, Kevin just have to agree that my "backside" is better than my front view, this has never happened before I cut my hair

Until Lim :))

Hell, in Chinese believe

Go visit Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands if you haven't! :D



CathJ said...

Nice photo..its like in china or some other country..;-)

Mike said...

Interesting place. It seems like Disneyland has spread out to the countryside. The architecture is amazing, the setting is majestic. The sculptures...they don't seem to "fit". But still. Thanks for the pictures! Amazing.

laverew said...


Front side or back side any side is beautiful, I would have liked to see you in your dress without the jacket. No matter what any body says I LIKE YOUR HAIR......


Dr V said...

Wow...fabulous views! Thanks for sharing so many photos with us. You're right...I do want to go there. I'm glad that Kevin was still well enough for you to enjoy the Highlands together. Of course he'll get all the strength he needs from the fear of disappointing you. Now THAT'S a guy worth keeping! ^_^

As for the "exotic" views of V V, well I think Kevin is proud to show-off here. Before or after your haircut...he's a very proud fellow. I'm sure Kevin sleeps with a camera under his pillow, just in-case he needs to wake from a dream and snap a few pics of his fiance. ^_*

Thanks again for all the amazing photos!

violetmay said...

Yeah, I was like WOW when I first saw the big buddha...maybe you can bring your son along :D

It's a temple on top of hills, the funny thing is, Genting Highlands is a city of entertainment, especially casino...I guess people have to pray before they feed their money to one armed bandits machine :P

Hello Larry, thank you for keep reminding me my messy hair, haha :P

Dr V
OMG you must be Kevin's secret friend :P
How do you know he keeps camera under his pillow? Hmmm...
Okay, he doesn't have to do that, his mobile is 24 hours with him, just snap and pretend to sleep, and the next morning he will show me photo of me sleeping like a pig -_-"