Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yogur Berry

Kevin and I passed by Yogur Berry in Berjaya Timesquare last week. The decor of the cafe is really interesting, whole pink, sweet as sugar..
...I NEED ice cream!

Ooh my...it made me think of Fergie, Fergalicious ;)
Cynthia hates her..okay, she dislikes Fergie

Our table number

We ordered Buddy Set, which consists of
(1) 2 ice cream towers with 6 toppings
You can choose your preferred toppings, from (Dry toppings) chocolate chips, cornflakes, almond, red beans..etc, to (Toppings) kiwi, strawberry, mango, watermelon...bla bla bla, the list goes on
(2) 2 Nemo cake, red bean fillings
(3) 5 walnuts cake
Their buddy set is only RM18.50, cheaper than a lot of Sweets cafes

That's the nemo cake

Hmm..it tasted good, especially when you are hungry :P

Ta da~
This is the one and only reason I stopped at this cafe..it's their signature yoghurt ice cream!
Ooh well...it doesn't look that good, as compared to the photos/displays shown

Is this angle better? :)

Let's taste and see...

The ice cream tasted really weird, sour and I don't know how to describe
100% candid snapshot, this is how I looked right after the first scoop


"It's sour"

"Yeah, this is yoghurt ice cream..." he reminded me

"Ah!" Now I remember that's no ordinary soft ice cream


After I tried few more scoops, I began to accept the sourish taste.
It's not bad, really ;)

More pics

Sweetheart Kevin

While I was busy eating, Kevin engaged himself with nemo cake. He kept taking photos of the cake...
He only loves Nemo cake, I was totally neglected!
Until I checked back my camera..

Holy cow!

He was actually making fun of me with his nemo cake

Fergie, Fergalicious




Dr V said...

That Buddy Set looks delicious! I do wonder what happened to all the goodies, while Kevin was so kind to take all the photos to document the event. When Kevin wasn't taking photos, he was putting those tasty-looking Nemo Cakes near your face, so you could eat them without having to look away from your Ice Cream Tower. Hmmmmmm.... hahaha

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, I was too full to swallow those goodies in, I'm sure Kevin ate most of it :P