Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Yorkie Sugar! ^^

Hello, my name is Sugar and I'm turning 2 months old in 2 days :D

I'm still a baby, that's why my hair is not as "long" as my mummy you like me?

"Yes I like you very much!" ^^
Friends, meet my Sugar, now she is my dearest one

Supplements, shampoos etc

Salmon flavoured

Sugar's carrier

It's really hard to snap photos of Sugar, because she is active and won't stop for photo shooting, hahahaha
So, I have to put her inside her cage when I wanna take her photos

Hey hey, let me out of here!!

Sugar is a good girl, hardly bark ;)
She only loves to lick/suck (yikes)/bite my fingers and smelly toes, I'm now trying to teach her not to do so, but she is as stubborn as me!

I HATE to put her inside the cage for photo taking, but let's see what if I let her out...

I will never get a single shot :(

Bye byeeee~
See you next time



CathJ said...

New lover?? soo cuteeee.....

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath! ^^

Dr V said...

Haha Thanks for the first photos of Sugar in her new home! She looks like she's totally comfy now, and you can even see her personality in the photos. Yes, it's not easy to get some terriers to pose for the camera, because they're busy...and life will pass them by if they're sitting still like a potato. ^_^

Sugar's got a lot of "stuff" too! haha Glad to see that you're so eager to keep Sugar healthy, and give her the best life possible. She's really lucky! ^_^

By the way, I forgot to mention, be sure to get her used to having her paws touched. So that way she'll not be afraid of getting her nails clipped from time-to-time.

violetmay said...

"Life will pass them by if they're sitting still like a potato", soo funny, I'm imagining...a small potato sitting inside the cage :P

and Thank you Dr V, I've never thought of getting her paws touched before, should start doing it... :)))