Monday, April 13, 2009

Genting Highlands

Spent a weekend in Genting Highlands 2 weeks ago, mum has got room for Woman's Day :)
If you still remember my Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 last year (click the links if you wanna see more photos). We went there once every year (not only Woman's Day)

We stayed in Resort Hotel again, checked in around 10pm, really late because Kevin worked till late that day

I think my "back view" is 10000 times better than front view since I cut my hair

Haha, why my boobies look kinda "sharp" there?

We grabbed our sweaters, and out for a walk

Had our supper in Burger King

He wasn't trying to act cute, he wasn't ready for photos :P

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Cafe
We always do the same thing in Genting, walk around, have a drink in Coffee Bean in Resort Hotel, I don't really enjoy Starbucks or Coffee Bean personally, because 1st I don't drink coffee and 2ndly I can't finish their Iced-Blended-Whatever alone so we only order a drink and a slice of cheese cake normally.

Anyway they have got this Mango Macha, new flavour..weird taste but considered "ok"


This jumper is from Michell, she went to Macau with Michael 2 months ago and she bought me this, cute huh? I don't normally wear shirts with big cartoon, because I thought I was too old for that ;)

We bought some cute key chains

The next morning

Out for breakfast

Kevin's Asam Laksa, he doesn't like Asam Laksa, I wondered why he ordered this that morning

My Hou Mei specialty
Yeah it's special, because it's instant noodles but somehow they called it "specialty". and it's not delicious at all...huhuhu :'(

I was all refreshed after 8 hours of sleep, but Kevin felt sick, his suspected there's a boil inside his ear and it was extremely uncomfortable and painful. We have to cancel our plan to the theme park. Before we check out..

Hey I really think my side view and back view are better than my front view (as long as you don't see my face and funny hair at the front). I believe Kevin thought so, otherwise he wouldn't take bunch of photos of my back view, you will see later at my second post :)

Anyway I found it's quite silly drove all the way to Genting Highlands, just to eat burgers, bought 2 key chains, slept for few hours, ate some not so delicious meals, and then check out.. -_-"

Okay, maybe that's called...erm...I don't know
Basically this is the one and only post about our Genting trip..but just as I thought we were heading back to KL, we passed by a temple called "I-don't-know-the-name-need-to-check-back", and stayed for an hour, you will still see some photos later :)



CathJ said...

OMG food look sooooooo good!!!

Mike said...

I think your haircut makes it easier for you to look serene, calm, and cooler than with longer hair. Not as cute, perhaps, but, you're still cuter than anyone has a right to be!

Dr V said...

I see you and Kevin eating delicious food, buying couples keychains, taking romantic walks, and living it up in luxurious hotels. So my question is...where are the guilt pictures? I know you and Kevin must have spared a thought for poor Sugar, right? hahaha Just kidding. I'm happy you had a fun weekend...even if Kevin wasn't quite at his best.

violetmay said...

CathBut these were not as good as it looked, better luck next time! :))

MikeHello Mike :D
Thank you for the compliment, you made me smile, hehee :)

Dr VErm...the trip was actually 3 weeks ago, I was wrong about the date earlier, Sugar wasn't with me yet ;)))