Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Day! ^^

Michell finally accepted the existence of Sugar, thus, Hue Ru and Kong Chai will come here occasionally! This is a very good news :D

Photos taken few days ago :)

Hue Ru is very happy too, after all I'm her favourite aunt, hahaha :P

She saw me knitting, asked
"What are you doing, Ah Yi?" (Ah Yi is aunt in Cantonese/Mandarin)

"I'm knitting"


"Yes, it's a dress for you!"

"Wow I also want to 'knitting'."

Okay, now next!
Kong chai, a 100% cute gentleman

He was sick, lost some weight :(

But he was very happy to see us!

Super cute smile attack :D

So cute right? :D

Love them both :)))))))



CathJ said...

You are a great auntie.. I am sure they all in a good hand..

err.. is there any room more...can send more kids ah?? ;-p

violetmay said...

Hahaha, do you want to bring your son over to Devil Violet's house? :P

Dr V said...

Happy to hear that Hue Ru is able to see her "favorite" aunt at her house again. Now you can put her to work doing all your chores like knitting and all the house-work that was your responsibility. You're such a kind and thoughtful aunt! hahaha

Seriously, I'm glad all the problems are over, and Michell can feel comfortable letting her precious Hue Ru co-exist with your precious Sugar. I know it's a big step for her, but it's a necessary one. There is no way to shelter your child from all the harms that the world has to offer. You can only do your best to take steps that make sense to you, and steps that you can also live in harmony with as well. All is well now, and I'm sure that your sister's faith in you will be rewarded.

By the way, yes the boy is cute...but boys want to be handsome! haha