Sunday, April 26, 2009

A day out with Eling

I seldom hang out with my sisters, yesterday I was kind of bored, Kevin is really busy recently and I don't want to date anyone who's engaged with tonnes of works. So in the afternoon, I dated my sister, Eling :)

We went to The Curve because she seldom go there
For dinner, we went to Sakae Sushi
This is Eling, wearing her favourite floral dress, just recently bought :)

Foods we ordered, without names (I don't remember names)
This is good

Good but too oily comment

This is nice, the unagi was soft but fresh

This is not good...unagi was soft
Hahaha..didn't I just say the unagi was good because it's soft? :P

Eling's favourite

This is "stinky" (The mushrooms smell bad!), but it's actually quite delicious

and me ;)

Random photos

I just started to hate my hairstyle


We watched a movie last night, it was Passengers. The storyline was slow but it was a good show. Something really "funny" happened in the cinema hall, some very inconsiderate parents brought their children (about 3 to 5 years old) to watch the show. Excuse me? Mr and Mrs Stupiak, are you crazy? This is no Cartoon, it is more to mystery/thriller, not suitable for children.

Their children shared one seat and they started to make noise, guess what? Mr and Mrs Stupiak shouted at their children inside the cinema hall and they just wouldn't stop talking/nagging -_-". GOSH! They should have chosen Mall Cop.

Mr and Mrs Stupiak, please do not bring your children to watch horror/mystery/thriller movies when they are not ready, God bless them, I hope they sleep well at night :(

p/s: I'm not cursing them
p/p/s: It was a great day (I'm trying hard to forget Mr and Mrs Stupiak) hanging out with Eling, we should go out together often! ^^



CathJ said...

Really???? your sister???? you both doesn't look similar ohhh.... 2 pretty girls but...1 chinese and 1 malay girl.. ;-)....

violetmay said...

Yeah she is my younger sister, not "best friend kind of sister" ;)
She has my mother's eyes, round and big..and me, typical Chinese single eye lids :(

Dr V said...

It's a good thing you put in your request for a date with Eling, because I'm sure she has a long line of people looking to go on dates with her. She's being kind to her sister, since she knows that Kevin is being abandoned when he needs a life-jacket to keep his head above all the work he's buried under. hahaha And why is poor Kevin laboring so hard? Because he can't get ANY help!!!!! hahaha

The food looks really delicious! The nice thing about photos, is you can't smell anything. So those mushrooms look very tasty, and have no smell at all to me. ^_*

Finally, I see Eling getting into the fun of riding the little car. But for some reason, I don't see any photos with Violet getting into the vehicle...just standing on the outside. And hey, that could have been Photoshopped! hahaha

Looks like a fun day with your sister, even though the movie was a little more, or less, entertaining than it could have been. It's amazing what some parents will do with their kids. Next time maybe you could find another seat, so they don't spoil the fun for you too much. It's bad that you would be the one to move, but it's for your peace of you're doing it for yourself. ^_^

violetmay said...

I know very little about photoshop, I will get myself 10 boxes of chocolate soft ice cream if I knew how to "re-position" myself in photos, hahaa! :P
About the parents...I bet everyone in the cinema hall heard them very clear, and it couldn't be worse than sitting 2 rows behind them..what's more? I bought couple seats, it was a waste of money! :(
Anyway, better luck next time, hee!