Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not a good day

After planning for a few months, Kevin and I are not going to Bangkok this month. Too many cases coming in, Kevin really couldn't tear himself out from all these cases, clients.

I have to admit, I'm disappointed and of course, unhappy
After the phone call, I've been thinking the same thing...maybe it's time to learn to travel alone. I thought of my friend Cynthia, wondering if she would fly to Bangkok for layover, and I thought of Lina, maybe she wants to travel with me, but most probably not, she might be engaged with her new job. I have to make several phone calls tomorrow, if no one is on, maybe I will be on my own. My mum will kills me if I told her I will travel alone, I'm not sure if I should let her know.

Sugar is having cough, I will bring her to see a veterinarian tomorrow morning :'(
I love her more and more everyday, she is a gift from God, hmmm not exactly, she is a gift from Kevin. I'm learning everyday, I want to be a good momma, but right now she coughs and I don't know why. Was it because of the basic grooming on Monday? I brought her to the pet shop, and let them bath her, she is a baby..I don't dare to bath her, I don't want to take the risk. Maybe my decision was wrong, her appetite was not too good after I brought her home, I'm thinking...maybe there's another pet in the shop was having cough, that's why my baby.. I feel like crying right now :'(

Why did this happen? I only hope she is be fine after seeing a vet tomorrow, she is coughing non stop now, I feel so bad :'(



Dr V said...

You're already a good momma VV! Don't worry too much about Sugar. Puppies are always having things like that, and I'm sure it's no problem at all. Certainly Sugar would be pleased to know what a concerned momma she has, but remember...dogs are a lot tougher than we think. Actually, dogs are top-athletes, and as such...they can take a lot. Be watchful of all of Sugar's habits and behaviors, because she can't talk to you. But don't forget that even though we share our world with her, she still lives in a world that we're not allowed to visit. Dogs...particularly small ones, are only too happy to make fun of us, because we underestimate them.

As for traveling Thailand? NO WAY!!!!!!! I'll tell your mother myself if you do something like that. It's unfortunate that Kevin's tied-up with work, and that your other buddies cannot join you. But that's no reason to go to a place all by yourself. I'm's not a good idea! As disappointing as it may be to you, I'd be equally disappointed if you risk yourself for no good reason.

miaoyi said...

Normally we are not encourage to send pup to bath at pet shops as there are too many other dogs that you don't know what the other doggies "have" with thm...and the small little pup can't take all those yet...
It will be better if you only send the pup to bath and bring the pup for outing one or two weeks after her third vaccine. Insist to stay there and see them bath for ur pup.

You can actually ring me up if there's anything tat you are not sure of.

Hope everything will go fine wid sugar^^

CathJ said...

Tell me about it Violet.. I always wanted to go travel alone (or maybe with my son) too...coz hubby not able to go travel with us frequent.. =(

ayoo...sugar not well??pity her...

violetmay said...

Dr V
Thank you very much for the encouraging message, I really appreciate especially at this very moment :)
Sugar is now much more better after having the medicines, hope she will be fine soon to catch up with the 2nd vaccines next week :)
About Thailand...I don't know :'(((
I don't know yet, I hope I do not disappoint everyone of you

Hello sweet coussie, it's pleasant to see you here :)))
Yeah I should have rang you up before I made the decision bringing her to the pet shop for bath, 'am now sure I have somebody to "talk" to when I need :)))
Thank Q!

Ooh wow so I assume you are encouraging/supporting me to travel alone? I have a very brave idea right now, maybe we should travel together, meaning YOU and ME and your BABY, lol!!! :P