Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dad's Lunar Birthday

On 21st of April, last week :)
It was my dad's 55 years old birthday (lunar), actually my dad's birthday is on 28th of April, but mum preferred to celebrate both, she bought a small cake for dad, and on 28th itself, we celebrated in a restaurant.

Lots of photos in the restaurant, I need some time to screen through it
Anyway, 21st of April :)
At home
The handsome man behind the Chinese Happy Birthday 生日快乐 is my dad ;)

Fruit cake!
We LOVE fruit cake, less fattening and it's suparrr delicious ^^

Family photo


Funniest picture of the day :D
The birthday a.k.a. "Bird Day" boy

Some photos

Only Eling responded, tv shows had my dad's 100% attention -_-"

Joan is going to kill me for posting this up

Wanna know why she looked excited?
It was all because of this slice of peach ;)

She should name herself after peach, Peachie, Peachy, Peachi, Peache, Pachi, Pak Chi?
Lots more, hahaha!
Now I hope she doesn't read this
...I'm just kidding, please do not put lizards on my cheeks when I'm asleep :P

Photos on 28th will be up either tomorrow or day after tomorrow, love you dad!

You have all of our loves ^^



Dr V said...

Happy B'day Dad! Best wishes for many many more happy years sharing the love of your family and friends.

You have a beautiful family! It's not often that you see a family where everyone looks so attractive, so you should thank your mom and dad for choosing wisely. ^_^ Also, everyone looks so young...including your parents. Maybe you should eat more of those fruit cakes, so you all remain young in body and spirit. ^_* And if there's any left-over, send some my way, because I need all the help I can get preserving my youthful energy. haha

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V!
I'm sorry I didn't leave a slice of fruit cake for should've called me earlier to remind me! ;P