Friday, July 3, 2009

Dinner with Malaysian PM


This is not an old photograph! My hair finally touched my collar and I could tie it right now :)

This is the hair clip I used that night, Kevin chose it...nice le :P

Going to PICC Putrajaya International Convention Centre for dinner

PICC is located on top of small hills, hahaha
Err...I don't know why I laughed about it -_-"

Me again
I was just too happy with my hair tied behind, I thought I looked better with longer hair

The dinner that night was to congratulate/celebrate Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to be our 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia, total attendees were around 2300 people (All from various Chinese Associations of Malaysia). I didn't realize that much until I saw the floor plan in one of the picture I took that night. I'm very glad Kevin brought me along :)

The convention centre was huge, you don't see it in the picture but I swear it's enormous

The hall was cold I have to wear a shrug that I knitted myself

Hee! ^^

Darling and I

The floor plan

Some random pictures

Madam Teoh and Madam Theresa

Tse Tzuu, Kevin and Choo Earn

With Malaysian Vocalist

89, our table number

PM giving speech

Some of the many many reporters and photographers

End of the dinner, our PM showed his courtesy by shaking hands with the attendees, including...ahem, me. Kakaka :P

Picture of the night,
PM was just in front of me I don't even need to zoom it ;)

Visit ONE MALAYSIA, The website aims to serve as an interactive platform between Dato’ Sri Najib Razak and fellow Malaysians on issues affecting the country and its people today. It also aims to encourage Malaysians to take a proactive part in fostering a healthy attitude in a multicultural community.

Till then, bye! ^^



proteusguy said...

Great look for you Violet! Glad you had a good time. Please let me know when you decide to run for office yourself... :-)

laverew said...

You looked absolutely beautiful, Kevin has good taste in hair clips and women.............


I still like your shorter hair, it makes you look sexy and fun loving.

CathJ said...

I just don't know how you take the PM photo right infront of his face... LOL... but very lucky lerrrr......

Psst...missing long hair already lerr... ^_^