Tuesday, July 7, 2009

孝祖 & 思佳的婚礼 Joseph Yap & Esther Chua's wedding dinner

Last Saturday, 4 July, 2009
On the way to my cousin brother Joseph Yap's wedding dinner in V Garden Restaurant, Klang. Actually I don't call him Joseph, I call him Junnie... :P

Eling and I, we have the same hair, after she saw me being adventurous of cutting my long hair, she decided to follow my path :P

In V Garden, Klang

We reached there quite early

Junnie's parents, my uncle and aunty. It's their only son's Big Day! :D

Beautiful pens, which Jojo (Junnie's sister, my cousin sister) bought in Taiwan, it's for guests to leave signatures on the wedding poster

Mum leaving a signature..


5 fine ladies
Front, left: Jojo
Right: Sook Ling (Junnie's younger sis)
Behind left to right, Joan, Violet and Eling

My aunts

Sook Ling and her Taiwanese boyfriend

Showing off the beautiful pens

Personally...I think I look kind of cute there :P

My sisters

The box, where all the red packets go in

Junnie :)
It's his day ;)

Joan, Eling and the groom, Junnie!

With Sook Ling

Mum and Weng

With my uncle, the baby girl is his granddaughter (Jojo's daughter)!

Random photos

Jojo's husband and his baby girl
It's very cute that they pose together ^^

My "sweet-can-melt" cousin sisters, Candy and Miao

Miao, Jac and Kenke ;)
The younger generations have their own style, ya know, kawaii Japanese style ;)
Huhuu...I feel old suddenly

Candy and her boyfriend, they are getting married soon :D

Miao and I

with Jay Chou...opps I mean my cousin brother :P

Kenke and Pui Kei

Yin and Ah Hou

Loon, Xuan, Weng and Yun (Aiya...I don't know how to spell their names right)
They are all my cousin brothers

Hahaha! Check Loon's face :P

My aunt, Loon's mum

My uncle and aunt, and their super cute baby boy

Junnie and Jason

The bride and groom :)
Sang as they entered the hall

I was impressed! I know Junnie sings well, but I have no idea Esther has angelic voice too! ;)


Dishes of the night

Hahaa :P

This is soooo goood :D

Dad perfoming on stage

Junnie's friends

Random photos

Cake cutting

Yam Seng

Another song for his lovely wife, Esther

Esther, normally we call her Szu Khia

Szu Khia's parents

Group photos, candid

All of us (the younger generation, lol!)

I LOVE this picture :D

Junnie's friends

Tea ceremony

Picture of the day!

I wish Joseph and Esther a very happy married life!



CathJ said...

Lovely couple...Can't wait to see your turn :-P

Mike said...

Best wishes to the bride, congratulations to the groom!

When is your turn, Violet? :D

violetmay said...

Hahaha, yes they made a good couple! ^^

You will know when it's my turn :P