Friday, July 10, 2009

How deep is your mummy's love?

There was a time, hmmm...when I was Form 3 (15 years old) if not mistaken, I don't quite remember how it happened, I just remember my Art teacher was on leave and so my classmates were really delighted because the replacement teacher looked so lame.

The whole world (whole class) chatted nonstop, including my friend, who was sitting next to me. I was just there, drawing pictures. Suddenly the replacement teacher went mad, started shouting and what's more? She pinched my waist! She demanded me to stop making noises

I was shocked!
I did nothing wrong, I was just there painting the picture I drew! I chat with nobody!
I didn't utter a word because I thought it was quite ashamed being pinched by teacher. Few days later, I was still upset of the incident, so I told my mum...I remember the conversation between my mum and I until today, still fresh in my memory

"WHAT?!!?!?! She pinched you?! Did you beat her up?" My mum was shocked too and she was really pissed

"Oh my god... mum...of course nope! She is a teacher, how could I do that? My headmistress might expel me from the school" She couldn't be serious..

"NO!!! Why didn't you do that?! I will go to your school and talk to your headmistress!" My mum was really angry and I knew the action of the teacher really made her mad, and I was a little regret of telling her the story

"It's okay mum...she just pinched, not slap..."

"ARGH!! If she slap you, you must slap her back!! Or I will go to school myself to slap her!
How could she do this? I myself never slap you how dare she did that argghhhhh!" followed by bla bla mum was really upset and mad

...I was totally regret and worried my mum would run to my school, at the same time I felt so mum is always a sweet lady, she smiles at everyone and she's friendly, she never a person to start a fight. At that degree I know my mum would go far for me. That was why, I knew my mum loves me so much.

I know it's not right to beat/slap teachers, just the way my mum expressed herself really impressed me. Days later I asked her

"Mum, were you really serious that you will go mad if my teacher pinch/slap me?"

My mum smiled and say
"Yes I would, you are my baby, I'm not letting anyone hurts you"

This is my mum...maybe you think she's not right, but this is the way she loves me, I love my mama :)



CathJ said...

Oh Violet.. YOu remind me of 1 incident when I was I think primary 5 or 4.. Same like you.. our class a bit wild that day because of this replacement teacher (She looks very young thats why all this student don't really care.. Crazyy.. especially the boys.. I was sitting down with my good fren, just chatting slow.. Not like others.. until jump from the table!! suddenly I got a slap on my face with a plastic long ruler!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T.......... I was so shock!! and ashamed.. I still remember the teacher's face until now... But I don't remember if I did told my mom or not...

Those days..teachers are very cruel.. there was 1 time I forgot to bring my text book. you know what the teacher did to us..(I think 3 of us).. she took 3 text books, put it together... and hit our head hard!! I still remember clearly and the teacher's face (Different teacher)...

Talking about mom.. oh yess.. my mom love me soo much... but woww... I tell you my mom nagging soo much one..hahahahha..I know bcos she loves us.. ^_^

violetmay said...

I think our teachers chose the one who looked naive and "guai guai" to punish, because they worried if they punish the very naughty students, they might beat them up as they didn't care even school expel them.. -_-"
Huhu...we were innocent!!

proteusguy said...

I think you have a great plot for a new action thriller starring you & your mom fighting evil teachers! :-) I can't wait to see it...

violetmay said...

Why don't you join us for the casting? :P