Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michell's Surprise Birthday Celebration

Last week, 24, July 2009 was Michell's 31st birthday. My brother in law Michael planned a surprise party for her. That day, Michell went to work as usual, Michael stayed at home and arranged the dinner settings (he didn't tell Michell he was on leave), everything set the time Michell got home. She surprised seeing the red canopy outside her house, and her friends were there greeting "Happy Birthday" :)
Hehee..actually I was late that night, bad traffic!
Card I chose, I really liked the message

The wrinkle free zone :P


The ladies are Michael's sisters, one currently working in London, she came back for vacation, and another one is in Singapore. Did I tell you Michael has got 8 elder sisters? ;)

Random photos

Hue Ru loved it!

Didi has grown up a lot!

Birthday cake...told you, we love fruit cake :P

Happy family

I didn't take too much photos, some of Michael and Michell's friends were shy, some were busy chatting, didn't aware the camera girl was there standing alone with sad face :'(
Hello?! Can't you all pose for a photo or two pleaseee?! How I wished I say that, hehehee. Anyway, photos that I managed to snap

One thing good about will get lots of presents!
Mum bought Michell long pants, Chinese believe giving pants to others is wishing them a very happy and prosperous life :)

Joan got Michell a beaded tank top

Eling got Michell a cardigan :D

Present I prepared for Michell

Wanna guess what it was?

Michael has got to thank me for this, hmmmpf! :P

Presents from Michael's sisters,personal care and Burberry wallet :D

last but not least, this is the Burberry bag Michael got for Michell, all the way from London

We want Burberry bag and wallet too :P

"Where's the present you got me?" Michell asked Weng

"Huh? I erm...I'm sorry I didn't buy you something"

"Arghhhhh, take this!"

Michell started to check if any of us didn't get her birthday presents...DAD!!!
He didn't buy anything for Michell too,

"Nah, take this!!"


We were just kidding, we really have fun that night! :D
Michell, I just want you to know, we all love you, we are always a family :))
Happy Birthday my dearest sister! :D



CathJ said...

Oh wowww... what a SUPERB surprise party... BIG party!!! ^_^

lol.. I wish I got a surprise like that.. cater somemore... hahahah

Mike said...

Violet - were you blushing in that picture with the lingere?

violetmay said...

Hahaa, hope your hubby will "get it" and organize you a surprise party on ur next b'day, hehee! :P

Geez...I think I was :P