Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gathering with friends

Actually it's not really a "gathering", because the objective for the meeting was to discuss our trip to Pulau Langkawi. Cynthia wasn't here, and Ket worked till 10pm. So only 4 of us (Kim Wai, Wai San, Hwei Chen and I). We had steamboat buffet in Kepong :)

Smiley fishball!!
So cute ^^

Sizzling hotplate :D

The Chef!

Kim Wai

Wai San

As you see in the photos, we really have fun cooking that night! :D
We'll be back soon ^^

That's my hands, peeling shrimps

They said I would be a good housewife and this picture is the evidence :P

Hwei Chen

Wai San came up with a plan, she said she needed more shrimps and eggs..

Wondered what she wanted to do

Now I got it :P didn't look good.. :P
But it was delicious! :D

Picture of the day
She's going to kill me...HAHAHA :P

Had watermelon and ice cream

We really had a lot of shrimps and calamari that night, I hoped the boss of the restaurant wouldn't blacklist us...anyway, we really had fun that night, it would be great if Cynthia and Ket could join us. Hmmf!

Looking forward to the trip,



CathJ said...

Ayooo....I am drooling!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow... Island... Best!! :-D

violetmay said...

Hahaha, lots of steamboat restaurants in Kepong, come with your hubby and son! ^^