Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leaving KL... Langkawi Island! ^^
Lots of photos, some of the photos were taken by my friends, either Kim Wai, Hwei Chen, Cynthia, Ket or Wai San :)

The smallest red color bag is my check-in "luggage" :P
Inside has got stuff/clothes enough to last 4 days. My friends brought bigger bags because they wanna buy duty free liquors, cigarettes, chocolates etc in Langkawi. Everything in Langkawi is duty free! :)

Had breakfast in LCC Terminal

Wai San (Sharon)

Kim Wai (Evon)

Actually we reached the airport quite early, almost 3 hours before boarding, but because of the long breakfast... -_-"

Evon brought disposable masks for us

But seriously it's quite hard to breath thru the mask

Guess who's who? :P

About an hour later, we reached Langkawi!!! ^^

Seeing the amount of travelers (including us)
I wondered what A(H1N1) is? -_-"

Supergirl Cynthia, she could lift the plane :P


Group photo
Left to right: Ket (Helen), Hwei Chen (Christine), Wai San (Sharon), Kim Wai (Evon), Violet and Cynthia :)

We engaged with a local car rental agent, he gave us some discount..we got this Serena (Nissan) for RM330, for 4 days and 3 night! It means RM55 for one person! Good bargain! ^^

Our hotel is about erm..20 minutes from airport, I don't really remember.
We stayed in Holiday Villa Langkawi ^^

We booked 2 rooms, one night was around RM600, but the front desk officer was too nice, she upgraded our superior room to Crystal SUITE, which the rack rate is RM1800 per night, triple our initial budget, but we only pay for 2 superior rooms to stay in a suite ;)
There are 2 bedrooms inside the suite room

2 bathrooms

Living room


Dining table

and 2 plasma TV! ^^
another one is inside the master bedroom

The suite room is on the ground floor, there's a sliding door in the living room...we opened the door and...the swimming pool is right in front of us!
That's the most exciting part ;D

Door gift
2 waterproof bags

All of us prefered to sleep in the same room, we shifted the mattresses from the other bedroom to the master bedroom :)

Ket, craving for complimentary fruits happily :P

Our first station in Langkawi, Underwater World Langkawi!
Christine, she brought along GPS

The passengers..

Eeh, where's Violet?
I was the driver..
Hahaha, actually Evon and Sharon drove most of the time in Langkawi, I was just "testing" the car, driving from our hotel to Underwater World (only 15 minutes) :P

Underwater World photos will be up tomorrow :)



CathJ said...

Yey...girls day out!!! I like!!!!

Now I miss my galfrens.. ^_

Dr V said...

Asking all your friends to carry your clothes in their bags, and then bragging on your small bag...brilliant! hahaha

Hey, if wearing the masks were hard to breathe in, then you should have made some holes for your nose and mouth. hahaha I'm just trying to be helpful. ^_*

Your rooms looked like a palace! All that was missing were the guards like President Obama has. ^_^

Looks like you all had a great time! Great idea to rent your own transportation. It's more convenient and more personal for you all to stay private. Thanks for sharing your fun times!

violetmay said...

Go and arrange a trip! ;)))

Dr V
I was surprised to the size of their luggages, but they made full use of it by the end of day, too much of duty free liquors, chocolate and everything! They are wiser than me, and wallets are "bulkier" than mine ;P
Anyway we were really lucky to get that room, hoohoo~