Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Sunday in Black Canyon Restaurant

Went to Aeon AU2 Shopping Center, also known as Jusco Setiawangsa with Kevin just now. This shopping center is about a year old, I went there with dad few months ago and I thought The Curve is kind of boring and it's time to try something "new" :P

The environment there is almost the same with MaxValu @ Desa Parkcity, nice! ;)


They even has a small fountain...opps no photos

Lots of cafes and restaurants there, including Wendy's and erm...I forgot -_-" Anyway we chose Black Canyon Restaurant, they have an outlet there!

That's Kevin, and his Singha cap bought in Chatuchak Market Bangkok

Black Canyon Coffee (something like that)

Chiangmai frost (something like that) don't quite remember the names
It's a blend of yoghurt with lychee

Nah, see the new pimples on my forehead?
Slept at 330am last night (Hate facebook, Pet Society and Restaurant City killed my precious time Hmmpfff! Hate=Love, time don't say you hate something/someone, you might ended up sticking with it forever, woohoo~), woke up at 8am plus and discovered there are 4 pimples on my forehead, argghhhh! I don't remember when was the last time I have these little sh*ts on my forehead, that was months ago

It's Seafood HB, I'm not sure the full name
Looked 'ordinary' but it's yum!

Green Curry, nice niceeeee

and this...stuffed omelette?
It tasted like the baked bean my mum cooks at home...ahem, actually it's just the taste of gravy ;) still nice!

we ordered 3 steamed rice...don't look at me, not me not me...Kevin ate 2 plates of rice :P

Delicious, he said ;)

The waitresses at the restaurants were equally friendly, they actually approached us and asked if everything was fine, foods served were good etc, I really love when the service providers concern about our (consumers)'s needs :) Although the business of this outlet wasn't that good, plenty of unoccupied tables (maybe it was still early for dinner? We were there at 5 plus)... but I believe people will go back for good foods and good service, Kevin and I are planning to go back again :)



CathJ said...

Uuuuhhh... It does looks yummy tho!!! and I like you photo very bright and clear ^_^

by the way... miss sugar see her photo...thats y I suddenly miss to see her... ^_^

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I'm planning to put her photos up once in a week, now you shall see her messy hair again :P