Monday, July 6, 2009

Sugar is 5 months' old! ^^

She is 5 months old today, hmmmm...she has got new hairstyle

Hahaha, actually I don't like to tie her hair (should say I don't know how to), and I think I should let her hair grow like this, for healthy scalp. The only concern is her eyes, I must take extra care otherwise she might have problems like eyes infections/tears, etc :)

She has grew up a lot, her waistline is expanding and she now understands my feelings. What's more? She just loves to stick with me ;)

Anyhow, she doesn't look like a girl now -_-"

Love ya, Sugar! ^^



CathJ said...

Ayooooo.... sooo cute.... T_T

Mike said...


Way Cute.

Way too cute.

Possibly the doggie equal of Ms. Voon's cuteness?

violetmay said...

Hahaha :P

No way...Ms Voon is cuter!!!