Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ket's wedding dinner!

Hahaha, I just realized all my November entries started with "Ket" :P
Anyway, 57 photos!
Some repeated shots, I couldn't decide which to upload.
Enjoy! ^^
Venue: Empurau Fish Restaurant in Ampang

With the bride Ket and her aunt

The guests

Evon and her bf CK

Sharon and Jimmy

Alex and Christine

Kevin and Violet

My favourite cameraman(man)!

Christine's bf (Alex) is so cute! LOL looking at him, I knew he wanted to steal the limelight, hmmpf! :P

The ladies

I couldn't decide which is better

The gentlemen

Didn't eat much that night, too know, when girls group together, hardly have spare time to do other things :P

Christine and I...we sang 2 songs for Ket :)

I hope the video came out nice, that's my one and only wish...

Hey why my tummy is so big?! -_-"

Hmmm...Ket kept looking at me. I have no idea if my cheeks were turning red :')))

Some random captures

All of us! :D

"What do I do now?"

"Let's kiss..."
Muacksssss! LOL!!!

Somehow Kevin looks so tiny in this capture :S

The Violet ladies

With my bestie Cyn :)


The girl in the middle is Yee Teng, didn't see her for quite some years :)
She's getting married soon too!

Before we left

Bye bye~

Wishing them a very very happy life together, love you as always, Ket.
Ah Foo, promise me you will take care of Ket for the rest of your life, love her more or I will steal her back! :P

Alright, to end today's entry...

It's not colored lens, maybe it's the light

Violet loves this Violet evening gown

but I don't know when I would wear it again



debb13 said...

you girls looked soooo pretty that nite! :)

CathJ said...

Very very pretty people.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you!! ^^