Monday, November 2, 2009

Ket's wedding!

I need time time time!
Lots of nice photos...well I will just post one photo for today, I didn't sleep much for the past 2 days. Should go to sleep now :)
With Foo's parents
Left to right (standing): Evon, Sharon, Woan Shy, Cynthia, Christine and I

Ket looked stunning!! The prettiest bride!
Ah Foo (Joe) is a lucky guy! :D



CathJ said...

She is soo pretty and so do all the girls at the back.. ^_^

Dr V said...

A very handsome family, and all the friends look gorgeous as well. Ket makes a most radiant bride, and shines in this photo! Congratulations to Ket, Heng Dai, and both families.

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath.. :)))))
Wouldn't it be good if all of us were in the same shade of purple, sigh!

Dr V
"Heng Dai" means brother, but it also means best friends. The groom is Ah Foo, and heng dai are his best friends. In Chinese tradition, heng dai will have to do all those donkey things to protect the groom, hehee! ;)