Thursday, November 26, 2009

Starting to grow "old"

I'm going to be 26 in less than 2 months time.
I remember it was just "a while" ago I told Joan about anti-aging personal care.

"You should start to take care of your skin! Spend some money don't be stingy!!
I'll buy anti-aging products once I'm 25"
Well it was last year, almost the same month,
when I was 24 going to be 25 in 2 months
when I tried to persuade Joan not to be too stingy (LOL actually she's not)

Guess what...the real stingy one is me -_-"
I only have a Olay moisturizer, no toner, no serum...and not even a cleanser. I always use the general cleanser mum bought. Because I'm stingy like that...and lazy.
Sometimes I don't even bother to apply Olay moisturizer after shower, gosh I'm such a terrible woman!
Recently I realized I have fine wrinkles around my eyes area...Holy COW!!! What have I done?!

I went to Guardian this noon, and the lady there introduced me Nano and Nutox. I've never tried this before...anyway, they're running promotion and ta da~

I didn't realize I bought this much until I snapped this photos
Ooh shit, now I need to wake up 10 minutes earlier every morning -_-"



Dr V said...

Hahaha This is a really funny post! Well I'm sorry to break the news to you, but 26 is NOT OLD! I remember a few centuries ago when I turned 26, I thought that my whole life was over...and I was still in school. haha

You're wise to change your daily routines to protect your skin. What you do today can have excellent long-term benefits.

The most beneficial habit you can have, is protecting your skin from the sun. So investing in a good sunscreen product is a must! And if you only do one thing to your face everyday, then it should include adding a sunscreen.

Protecting yourself against moisture loss can be your ally as well. Something as simple as cocoa butter or shea butter should be enough. Many people like to add anti-oxidants to their skin. Just putting used green tea on your fast as a mask works just fine.

If you want to maintain good texture to your skin, then an asprin-honey mask is a very simple solution. And it doesn't cost a lot of time or money.

Finally, if you're concerned about wrinkles forming around your eyes, then applying 'Preparation H' anti-hemmorhoidal medication works great. Just a tiny amount added to the delicate skin around the eyes should leave you with tightened skin. It will not reverse any lines formed, but it will slow the progression of new lines, if you apply daily.

Those are a few tips for the "stingy" V V! haha Follow your own advice you gave to your sister...and take care of your skin while it's still in great shape. The best time to invest in your skin is when you don't need intervention.

CathJ said...

Hahahhahaha.... its like that my dear... have to sacrifice some 'times' for future beauty.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Dr V
I'm seriously impressed with your beauty tips... ;)))
I'll definitely try the tips you mentioned, thank you so much for sharing it! :D

I have to agree :P

Dr V said...

Violet, Violet, Violet...haven't you learned anything from Kevin yet? You can't say in public that guys know anything about "beauty tips"...guys only know tips for SKIN TREATMENT! I see now what Kevin is up against as your teacher. hahaha

Seriously, guys only need to know about how to care for our skin because we're not supposed to be buying cosmetics for our skin. Imagine walking into a football lockerroom, and all the guys are gathered around the mirror applying their cosmetic products to cover-up stuff we don't want you ladies to see. Really manly, right? haha So our only option is taking the best care of the skin we have, and hope it holds-up to the wear and tear that women put on us. haha So indeed in these past centuries of life, I've learned to keep my skin on my bones. Now if I can just find a way to keep these teeth in my head...then I'll be a happy man! hahaha

Unknown said...

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