Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rabbit Fun Land!

On the way back from the temple in Semenyih, we passed by a Rabbit Fun Land.
We decided to count how many bugs bunny in the Fun Land, and to see if it's a real fun land :P

The entrance looked so "normal"

But hey!
Our former Prime Ministers Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad and Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi were there too! These are the photographes ;)

Not only rabbits, this farm has got goats, sheeps, monkeys and donkeys/ponies?

My mum

She/he has got very long ears!


Little monkey little monkey, jumping up and down..hey hey do you know this song?

Fine I think it's not a donkey

Wow wow wow!!! What's this!?

It's a sheep!

Let me out let me out
Poor guy :'(

But they are really cute, they thought I have foods, kept "mmeeh mmeeh" at me :P

My dad was snapping pictures of rabbits by his mobile phone. They have over hundreds of rabbits there! No jokes! Somehow majority of the rabbits were locked in cage

Cute baby, feeding fat baby rabbit

Excuse me Mr Rabbit? Are you using hands to drink water?

This little girl told me she wanna bring these 2 rabbits home, how sweet

I think I saw Sugar's friend

We had our lunch there, the entrance fee of this park is RM5 for 1 person (if I'm not mistaken), but if you buy their lunch coupon which is RM50, the entrance fee would be waived.

Guess what?
Later we realized they sell rabbit meats!! and majority of the lunch sets were rabbit meats -_-"
It's really weird to pat rabbits "Ooh my! Rabbits are cute" and eat their friends minutes later, don't you think so? We ordered other foods instead

Some exercise before we left

We might bring Hue Ru and Kong Chai to go there again :)



Dr V said...

That poor sheep has hair like mine! The hair on the top of my head, my mustache and beard, and even the hair on my back look like that sheep's wool. hahaha

I was starting to wonder if they had rabbits in Rabbit Fun Land. But how much fun is it for the rabbits when they know how tasty they are for lunch? haha Looks like mom and dad were sensitive to the circumstance of the rabbits, but V V was so happy to be eating her rabbit burgers. haha Seriously, I always feel guilty when I'm at the aquarium, and then start thinking how good those fish would taste. ^_^

Looks like Rabbit Fun Land was really fun! Those kids look so cute with the rabbits. ^_^