Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our friends from Germany!

First, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, very busy days for Kevin and I as our friends from Germany Alexandre and Kirsten were in Kuala Lumpur! :D
Kevin and I got to know Alexandre from our previous trip to Chiang Mai, so this time he and his girl friend Kirsten came to visit Singapore and Malaysia for a month, they have a few days in Kuala Lumpur, and so and so and so...Kevin and I brought them to several places and not to forget, our famous local foods :)
On Sunday night, we brought them for Dim Sum in Jalan Ipoh, Taman Tun's night market, and Jalan Aloh for foods :)
Alexandre and Kevin

Kirsten and I ^^
She's so sweet!

Some foods we ordered that night, didn't get to snap all

Kirsten posing with squids

Alexandre is humorous!

The next day, I took half day leave from my boss Kevin :P
and we spent our day exploring the golden triangle Bukit Bintang Area. We went to Timesquare, Sg. Wang and The Pavilion and had my favourite MOF Japanese desserts

The Pavilion

Dutch Lady is running a campaign near Sg. Wang, in Yayasan Selangor Building

Where you just need to sit at the Dutch Lady backdrop and pose for a shot. Your photo will be flashed on the giant screen instantly, really funny!
And you can check our photo here on FACEBOOK!!

Alright, on Tuesday, Kevin and I brought them to visit Putrajaya after we took our breakfast in SS3 :)

Kevin and I visited Putrajaya 5 months ago, click to read, my hair is longer now :)

My man

The sweet couple :)

Checking pics

The court

They are now in Langkawi, will fly back to Germany in few days. I hope they enjoy the trip here in Malaysia! Hope to see them again in the future, so...Berlin? Darling? :P



CathJ said...

Ow... what with the pink 'jubah' your friend was wearing?? Quite funny.. ^_^.. I guess must wear that to enter mosque is it?? ^_^

violetmay said...

I wore that pink jubah too ;)
It's compulsory for ladies to cover themselves in order to enter the place, but we just stayed outside of the hall, women and non Muslim aren't allowed to go in the prayer hall :))

Dr V said...

Looks like you and Kevin showed your German friends some great hospitality. I would come there just to get that ice cream sundae! haha Yes, I've been known to eat my own body-weight in ice cream every single day. hahaha

Your friends seem like terrific people. No surprise, since you and Kevin are terrific yourselves. Always nice to stop by your blog. ^_^