Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm sorry I didn't update for a week!
HOLY COW time really flies... O_o!
I didn't realize it has been a week since my last update here. I've been busy reading posts from YorkieTalk dot com, and of course...Facebook games. Restaurant City, Cafe World, Farmville, Fishville (I hate this new game!), Home Inn, Pet Society, Island Paradies, Crazy Planet (now I'm crazy!)... really addictive, I HATE FB!!! ARgggHHhhhHhhhhh!!!! God knows how much I love these games, huhuhuuu..

Alright, let's get back to YorkieTalk forum.
It's all about Yorkshire Terriers. Recently, a lady in Florida lost her beloved yorkie, named Cookie... whenever I read her updates, I cried :'( The lady rushes everywhere to find her baby, she tried every single methods, hoping someone saw Cookie and bring him back to her. I really hope Cookie would find his way home, his daddy and mummy miss him so much....dead or alive, at least an answer... :'(

Cookie reminded me a lot about the lost of my first pet, which was a stray kitten I found in front of a church when I was 15. Every time I think of her, I cry...I know I will never ever see her again in my life. I just hope she's living happily wherever she is, I love her.
The story of Cookie reminded me to treasure/love everyone around me, don't wait until their disappear from your life.