Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ket's wedding (Morning)

63 photos
On the way to Ket's house
Wearing the contact lens Ket got me a day before her wedding...see the difference? Maybe not that obvious

We were supposed to wear purple dresses for the morning session, but you see!!
Let's check our outfits!
Christine wasn't that purple, but the tiny flowers were purple after all, hahaha :P

Woan Shy
Hmmm..purple dress but it would be good if she didn't wear a shrug, you know..sexier :P

It's purple! :D
You will see Evon and Sharon's choice of purple later in this entry :)

Stuff we prepared last night, to "play" with Ah Foo's "heng dai"(friends) :P
It's not easy to get a wife! You must go through a lot of challenges!

Mashed potatoes with wasabi

Bitter gourd juice

Super Sweet juice


yellow=sour (it's lemon)
green=bitter (bitter gourd)
dont' forget the special mashed potatoes we made earlier, that's...considered...spicy? LOL
Gonna make the heng dai swallow all! >:-D

We put the house keys in different plate and covered each plate with whipped strawberry cream...hmmm, me like! They have to use their tongues to lick the plate, get the key and open the door themselves if they wanna see Ket! :P

and Mahjong...

We put the Mahjong in the pail, covered it with ice cubes...and add some water!
They have to use their toes to take the Mahjong we want, ignore the ice cubes!

Alright, enough for the game, now take a look at the beautiful bride, Ket! a.k.a. Helen

She's sooo beautiful!

Ket's parents :)))

Us, Ji Mui's (sisters) gangs!
Girls rule!!! We wanna make the guys cry!!!

It's game time
These are Ah Foo's Heng Dai!

We have them wear the disposable underwear, and wrote FOO LOVE KET on it

The groom, Ah Foo
Our initial plan was to have his heng dai knee down and eat the banana hanging there, but... plan failed -_-"

They just ate the banana like this

Each got one

You don't have to feel sorry to the Heng Dai... well in fact we didn't really play all the games we prepared. They reached quite late and the "Dai Kam Jie" (a hired old lady who knows all the Chinese traditional steps) stopped us because of her own preference, she is not considerate at all, the worst Dai Kam Jie we met for 25 years! Never never hire her! Not to mention the watermelon we bought, we intended to hide the key inside and ask them to find...sigh.. By the way where's the watermelon now? I'm kind of thristy LOL :P
We proceeded to the last step, where Foo has to sing a love song to Ket before she opened the door for him :)

Finally... :)

Muacks!!! :')

Some random photos we took in Ket's room while they were praying out there you think we were that purple? Hehee

Yes, but all in different shades of purple ;)

Woan Shy and I
She lives near my house, 10 minutes walk

Sharon and I


She just went back to Dubai 2 hours ago, started to miss her

Ket's family members and relatives

Ket's family

Went to Foo's house after all the Chinese tradition ceremony


Reached! ^^


Group photo
That's Foo's parents :)

Master bedroom

Random photos

This is the pendant and necklace I got for Ket as wedding present :)

I love you Ket! ^^

Photos we took before we left

That's all for the morning session :)
Next up, wedding dinner!



Dr V said...

Wow...what a ceremony!!!! Congratulations Ket and Heng Dai! Sincerest wishes that you can grow stronger together, and work side-by-side to fulfill all your dreams as one. You look very happy and well-suited for one another.

Well...who ever thought Majong could be such torture! You all really know how to make it tough for a guy...even after you've already said "yes". haha Seriously, looks like a lot of fun. ^_^

Great photos of the bride and groom, and all the important people in their lives. I couldn't help but notice how a certain photographer took a photo of the bride and groom with wine glasses, and surprise...the photographer is taking herself in the mirror also. generous! haha

Thanks for sharing the special day for your beloved Ket, and her lucky groom!

Dr V said...

P.S.: The disposable underwear thing...well let's just say that those are REAL FRIENDS! I'll be wearing those soon enough, so you'd have to be a really special friend for me to premiere my "secret weapon" to protect against leakage. ^_^

CathJ said...