Sunday, November 15, 2009

Repulse Bay, HK 淺水灣

Kevin and I went there before, erm...years ago, we went with our mum.
On the way to Repulse Bay

It's about 15 minutes from Jumbo (only if not mistaken :P)

Clean beach!

Somehow no one was there?
Ah...I know! Not much people in the afternoon

My favourite pic ;)

Random captures

Met an Eurasian, she's from Singapore ;)

, this is Repulse Bay :P



Dr V said...

Must be nice to have Repulse Bay to yourselves. I'm sure the Eurasian you met dropped in from a parachute, so you could have someone else there in your photos. ^_*

Love the bright colors everywhere. Cool photos! ^_^

CathJ said...

Great pics,..^_^

Unknown said...

Hi Violet! Wow, it's been a very long time since I've checked your blog. My excuse is that I've been busy. Looks like you have been, too. :) And looking as sexy as ever. :)

violetmay said...

Dr V
Well in fact I have to force-grab her to snap a picture together, as you know I need more different people in my photos :P

Thank you Cath! ^^

Haha! Good to see you here
I know you are busy, we're neighbours :P

laverew said...

The dress your wearing is terrific......Larry