Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sugar's orange ribbon

OOh well, I didn't mean anything about Orange Ribbon, don't get me wrong ;)
Sent Sugar to grooming center again, come she never sit like this every time I try to tie her hair? -_-"

Sugar got so bored of my camera, she didn't even wanna look at it.
But I thought Sugar looked cute with orange ribbon, how could I resist to take more pictures of her? God knows that ribbon would only last for a day, snap it now or you'll never :P

The best angle!

(Now it's my turn!)
I got bored of the green tiles

This time I put Sugar on my office chair instead

She was uncomfortable with the height

Later in the afternoon

It's bedtime





Dr V said...

Sugar only gives strangers a chance to tie ribbons in her hair. moms! hahaha Sugar even saw you in the mirror taking that photo of her too. That was Sugar's way of showing that she was the boss in her house. haha Seriously, Sugar was just studying the groomer, which is why she was so willing to go along with the ribbon thingy. ^_^

Sugar definitely looks cute! ^_^

CathJ said...

Ayooooooooo.... I want to put her inside my pocket!! So cuteeee.... can cry ohhhh.....


violetmay said...

Dr V I see why :)))
Thank you for letting me know, I was seriously curious what made her stop jumping up and down ;P

I have that idea too! But first I have to find a dress/whatsoever which has a big pocket :P