Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gonna miss Sugar...

Leaving home in a few hours time, going to spend this weekend in Labuan with Kevin, for his meeting :)
I know I'm going to miss my furbaby SUGAR badly. She's napping on my laps. I didn't take photos of her for quite some time, didn't have the time :(
These are photos I took few days ago, only a few shots :)
So cute ^^

I wanted to take photos of her belly

She didn't let I have to do something else you distract her, hehee!

She loves belly rubbing

After a while, she got so relaxed and..

My baby is so so so cute ^^
Btw, she has gained weight!!! :D

I miss her already..



Dr V said...

Poor poor Sugar...she has no idea that she is about to be abandoned. hahaha

Have a safe trip V V! I'm sure Kevin is grateful that you're traveling with him.

So don't do anything to embarrass him!!!! hahahaha