Saturday, July 17, 2010

34th Bon Odori Festival 2010

It's already 2 years since my last visit to Matsushita Stadium, Shah Alam (a.k.a. Panasonic Stadium), hilarious... I need to check my previous blog post to check the other name of the Stadium, I just remembered it was Panasonic Stadium, or it starts with the letter "M"

Missed Bon Odori 2009, because I went to Langkawi Island with my girl friends ;) My sister Joan went to Japan early this year, she got me a Yukata!! Which means, I don't have to find/choose anything else to wear, like working in a hotel, you don't have to think what to wear everyday, just wear the uniform will do :D
Ermm..alright, I don't like the idea of uniforms, don't you think it's freaking boring wearing the same attire everyday...and night? (That's when you're in evening shift), holy cow!

If you're interested to see my previous photos taken 2008, click here. My hair was MUCH longer, I was ahem ahem slimmer...
...and my eyes were busy lusting over other people Yukata :P
But this year, I don't have to! :D
66 pics, leave or you will die drowned!

Konnichiwa :D
Shame on me...I actually learned Japanese Language (beginner stage) TWICE, I mean twice..when I was Form 5, I attended the class about 2-3 months, I didn't pass or fail the exam...because there was no exams, HAHAHA :P
(just attendance cert)

After that, went to college, attended French and Japanese classes, got "A" in French (we cheated!), but I FAILED in my Japanese test... huhuhuuu :'(((
My friends were surprised, because they knew I learned Japanese before going to college. My lecturer was a very kind man, he decided to give me another try, this time I put in my effort (try to!) and I thought I' would make it and I... failed
What the?!?! I seriously thought I could make it, I then decided my lecturer was jealous of my... my....jealous because whatever, maybe he's jealous because I'm a girl, or he hated me because I was a "Tomboy" and I have lots of hot babes girlfriends (speaking of which, where are my hot babes?!). I know his little secret... he always wanted a boyfriend, HMMPFF!!!
Anyway, allow me to post more photos of me in Yukata, because I'm not wearing the same one next year, or next next year, or next next next year, maybe I could give it to my daughter some years later ;P

I wore and tied the Obi myself!


My mum was delighted seeing me in Yukata (alright! I forgot my mum helped with my Obi!)



Baby and I

On the way to Panasonic Stadium

with Joan behind

I love the color of her Yukata :D


Photo of me and her :)

Do I look like a Japanese?
I think nope, hahaha :P

Random captures

Guo Wei and Joan

and me, on the phone with my Bestie Christine :D

There she is! :D
Guess what, I couldn't spot Joan afterwards, it was too crowded I couldn't see anyone, all people look alike

Kevin and Christine's bf, Alex
Hey guys, looking cute there ;P

Food hunting

Last pic before I totally lost her :(
It's funny I couldn't spot her after we bought foods, Kevin and I actually bought quite a lot as we thought we'll share. I remember we said wait at the poles, the reception was mad bad (imagine the stadium was full of people, more than...erm, 10 thousand people (?). Waited quite long, after that got a text from my sister and went to get her, went back to the poles and couldn't spot Christine still. Guess she walked away or still buying foods :( We queued up for more than 20 minutes each stall!
Later that day I realized I said in front, not behind, guess that's the main reason we couldn't see each other. Mad Stup!! -_-"
See, people queuing to buy foods

People filling up the stadium

We have to stand as there's no place to sit

Saw my sister after a long search!
Lesson for the day, don't call, reception was mad bad, try to text your friends instead. They will get your messages and reply

Found a place to sit, it's next to the bins -_-"


Busy munching

Curry rice

About 8pm

Met my sister friend, Jessie
We MET her, we didn't even have to make calls or texts, guess that was lucky!

We went here and there to snap pictures


Some pics before we leave

So tired, but happy

Reached home, dad saw us and wanted a picture too :D

Next year, we're going there again ;)



Dr V said...

Here was a perfect opportunity to display your brilliant fashion idea. Those ripped t-shirts would have been the biggest hit for all those people who didn't have a yukata. What can be done when your business partner refuses to model the greatest idea since inventing the wheel? Well, since you're not wearing your yukata next year, then I hope you'll wear your ripped t-shirt, and have thousands ready for sale. I'm getting another great idea. You can bring un-ripped t-shirts to the stadium, and then custom-rip the shirts right there to the customers' directions. ^_^

Love your yukata! So nice of your sister to remember to shop for you. I remember last year when you were traveling with your girlfriends, you didn't have any room in your luggage to bring gifts back for your family and Kevin. Remember? hahaha

Looks like an awesome event! Hope you and your family can continue the tradition of attending together. Oh, and no pressure on you and Kevin, but you can even bring your own CHILDREN to next year's festival. They can even help with the t-shirts, along wiht your other family members. ^_*

Thanks for all the fun photos! I drown in 2 millimeters of water, so of course I drowned in all the photos. ^_^

CathJ said...

wow... so many people!!!!! >.<

YOu both looks like Japanese girl!! ^_^

violetmay said...

Dr V
There's no way to wear my "fashionable" shirt for Bon Odori next year :P
I'm sure it'll be Sugar's favourite blanket in err...a few months time, hahaha!

Join us next year :D
Usually it's mid of July!