Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kedah - Hat Yai

I didn't expect to see "Thai style" temples in Kedah, really

It was 2nd day, morning after bteakfast, Kevin's mum showed us around the town

"Woaaaa, am I in Thailand?" -_-"

Some random captures

"Woaaaa, am I in BKK?"
I seriously NEED another shopping trip

After that, we parked our car at Thai border, and walked to Hat Yai

Welcome to Thailand, haha

In Hat Yai

In a Thai restaurant

Some of the foods we ordered
Forgot what this was, I just remember I didn't like it

Otak-otak, so so

Seafood Tom Yam (now this is NICE!)

Me, serving soup
(Hahaha, look at my lousy hair!)

Saw someone something you like?

Did some shoppings, and headed back to Kedah

Er...Sungai Petani? :)

At night

Met Kevin's relatives in a Chinese Restaurant

According to Kevin's mum, his brother sings very well, won quite a number of prizes ;)

Some foods we had that night

After dinner, we went for supper
(hard not to gain weight!)


and their "Yin Yong" noodles is black color O_o!

Last dish for the night, at 12am

You know, we ate non-stop for the whole trip...
I will never go to Alor Setar again, ever!
...I don't want to add another lbs!



Dr V said...

Your travels help me to keep my geography up-to-date. I had no idea where Kedah was, and I didn't think you could easily drive to Thailand from where you live. Now all you have to do is take a few photos with some durian, and then I'll believe you're in Thailand. ^_^

Dr V said...

P.S.: You should be careful about eating all that food. People might confuse you with an American. hahaha