Sunday, July 11, 2010

Running horses

Something I made for Kevin :)

I hope you still remember my Hainan Island trip last Feb (it's already over year!). Usually, I'll knit something for Kevin when I have spare time, but I saw this in a shop at Haikou...
Cross stitch!?!
I thought I should make something else for Kevin, so I was aiming this cross stitch pattern this time. Horse is his Chinese Zodiac ;)
They have a website, sorry it's in Chinese :P

I started to do it right after I came back from the trip, I took about 3 months (slightly more than 3 months ahem ahemmmm) to finish the whole thing. Which means, End of May 09. I washed and wanted to frame it.. was busy with something else (clueless) somehow I totally forgot about it until recently.
Went to the nearest shop to frame it last week ;)

It was my 1st time doing cross stitch, was kind of worried

Some "old pics"

1st horse!

Took more than a month to make 8 horses..

How? Nice? :D


Followed by clouds/sky

Check the differences yourself :P

the final part is lining

Taken on June 09

Taken on June 10
I kept it at home for a year! Gosh!

Brought it to office, Kevin was surprised...he thought I forgot about "his" cross-stitch and he forgot to remember he should not forget to remind me :P

The winner

Hmmm I think he loves it :P
I didn't knit for almost a year, just recently went back to see Cheng Jie (my sifu/coach!). I'm making another boring vest to Kevin ;)



Dr V said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE! I wouldn't even know where to start on a project like that. Looking at all that thread would make me get dizzy, and I'd probably end my big project right there. Congrats to you for being tough, and doing a great job with this cross-stitch work. Kevin looks happy, and I'm sure he'll even be proud enough to display your work in his office art gallery. Okay, this might be the first piece in his art gallery, but doesn't that make it even more special? ^_^

Great job V V! Thanks for sharing as always.

violetmay said...

Thank you for the compliment Dr V! You sure made my day :D