Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rice Museum, Kedah

A.k.a. Muzium Padi. It's located at the foot of Gunung Keriang, north of Kedah.

I never like to visit museums, it's like, the most boring places you can find, it's always at the bottom of the list. But, this Rice Museum is unlike any other museums, of course, it wasn't as "exciting" and "exotic" as the museum Ben Stiller worked at... ;P

Pictures, 54 shots
About there

Quite cool huh?
Not spooky at all :P

Look at the roof,
it could be Mushroom Museum too!

Some captures

Selamat datang ke Muzium Padi

Guess where this spiral stairs lead us to..

Now it's a bit..err spooky
Maybe Ben Stiller is waiting upstairs

Mummmm can I go home now?

Dah, Kevin's here too..should be OK, hope he's smarter than Ben Stiller hehee!

We reached the top!

"There are several galleries with panoramic murals. These are the result of painstaking work by 60 artists from North Korea. My favourite gallery is 59 steps above, accessible via a spiral staircase. What you find here is a massive circular mural measuring 103 metres in circumference, and 8 metres in height. You enter this gallery from the middle, and immediately the scene of the surrounding Gunung Keriang region unfolds around you. As you stand there admiring the mural, you are taken in by the sheer size of the murals.

Indeed you cannot be sure where the ground is, and where the mural begins. Another thing, as you view the mural, you feel that the scenery was moving. Soon you realised that you are standing on a revolving platform, and by simply being still, you will have the scenery rotate around you. It was truly a mermerizing experience.

The Rice Museum is open daily from 10am to 6pm. On Fridays it observes a 12.30-2.30pm recess. Admission is RM3 for adults and RM1 for children. This museum can be one of the stops in an AsiaExplorers trip through Kedah.

Am I in heaven? :D

look at the view up there

Standing at the revolving platform made Kevin dizzy, no wonder they prepare chairs. Hahaha

Kevin's dad and his new friend :)

There's a bird, there's a plane, no... there's..OK, plane -_-"

Walked down after we spent for 30 minutes upstairs (maybe longer than that)



Kevin's dad and another new friend ;)

Ahmad and Fatimah

Amidah and Mohamad

1st pic of me! :P

His dad showing me the right way to hold that "thing"

Headed back to KL later that night
We spent 10 hours travelling in car, bad traffic condition! :(
Well if you happen to go to Kedah, don't miss this Rice Museum :)



CathJ said...

interesting.. I put that in mind if visiting Kedah.. :)

Dr V said...

Kevin's dad gets excited when visiting rice museums. :P Seriously, you see how Kevin's dad was trying to get his daughter-in-law trained in the hard-work of keeping the good food on the table for Kevin. Plowing the fields with the ox, and smashing the rice in that "smashie thingy" are great ideas to show V V what's she'll be doing for the next 60 or 70 years. Smart dad!!!!! hahaha

Wow, LOVE those photos from that rotating platform! Some are so beautiful that they don't even look like real photos. Great job!

P.S.: Remember to bring ginger candy for Kevin the next time you're on a rotating platform like that. MEAN WIFE!!!!!!! haha