Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate Streamyx!

I hate Streamyx to the max!

..okay, maybe I don't hate Streamyx that much, because Streamyx coverage is always excellent (touch wood!) in my office, but since last Saturday after I updated my blog, I have problem with Streamyx; or Streamyx has problem with me -_-"

I'm really busy with my workload, heavy, never ending deadlines, every files are urgent urgent urgent! I only have a wee bit time to surf on net during office hour, and not to mention stupid Streamyx is causing me problem at home! Well in case you ask...yup! I'm using Maxis broadband now, thanks to my bro-in-law Michael, he knew I couldn't survive the weekend without ermm.. ya know ;P so he left it with me the whole weekend. YAyyYyyy! :D

Just lodged 2nd report to Streamyx, hope they take this problem SERIOUSLY. I guess I'm not a fussy person, imagine -_-"

Anyway, line is a bit slow... so sad I couldn't upload photos :(
Well at least I can feed my employees in Restaurant city, and Mall World (my *new* addiction)!