Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maple Cream Cookies

Eling recently came back from Canada, she brought us this...maple cream cookies

Actually I've tried that, Michelle bought these the time she came back from Canada around 2 years ago, I didn't like the taste, it s.u.c.k.s. So my baby sister bought this again, I had no intention to give it another "chance", was a boring Saturday noon, and I was you know, I decided maple cream cookies deserved another chance. Haha :P

The cookies are shaped like a maple leaf, even the cream filling too

Still as "beautiful" as I last saw you, babe..
I wondered if I still 'hate' you

The same taste -_-"
Anyway I was hungry as I said, I finished the 1st one then another one..
Something has happened (I believe so) because the 2nd cookie was OMFG delicious!!
This was the 3rd one

and 4th -_-"

Up until today I couldn't believe I swallowed 4 pieces of MAPLE CREAM COOKIES (not chocolate chips cookies) that afternoon, guess what, I started to miss it already!

Erm..actually I was upset because I realized I'm wearing that special rag again.
Why am I always wearing rags?



CathJ said...

hahahha... nice 'rag'... ^_^

violetmay said...

Not until you see the real one :P

Dr V said...

That t-shirt is probably something you can buy in a store. I've already wondered why people are so excited to buy blue jeans and baseball caps that are already ripped and shredded. So if you can't find your t-shirt in a store, maybe you can rip a few more and sell them to some big retail stores. See there, I'm always thinking of ways to fill your pockets with money. haha

Looks like you enjoyed your cookies so much. I would have thought the return of your traveling sister would be the big story here. haha

Glad to see the family is back together again. ^_^

violetmay said...

Ooh yeah!
I just told my bro-in-law about your idea, he just looked at one of a kind :P