Monday, July 26, 2010

Nichole & Alan's wedding dinner

I just realized it was quite cool to snap picture with the sunlight behind my err...head :P

I took extra hours to choose my evening dress. Not that I don't have much choices, but I gained weight over months and I don't look good in almost every dresses I adored! Come to think of it, I "don't" have much choices -_-"

The wedding dinner was in Oriental Banquet

King & Queen of the day (hahaha Raja Sehari, why not Raja & Permaisuri Sehari?!)

Standard captures

The hall

Darling and I

Met his friend Miss Choong, didn't expect to see her at the wedding. We didn't know Nichole and Choong are some sort of ...connected ;)

Sweet to see her, I couldn't recoginzed her! Well it was years since we last met. Like..4-5 years?

Yam Seng

Some foods

Whoaaaaaa!!! Don't bite me!!! I didn't ask the chef to cook you

Deep fried soft shells crabs
Nice nice :D

Eeee...I hate veggies
Don't tell me it's good for health!

Guess what?
I met my Secondary school friend Jamie! She's a professional make-up artist actress! Well if you watch TV8 you will see the TV drama she's involved in ;)
She helped with Nichole's make-over that night :)
I've missed her, we're very big fans of MJ, remember this picture she drew for me? :)

She's still as nice as I can remember :D

Met this guy that night. He's friendly and humorous. But at the same time he made me feel sooooo embarrassing! Long story...should blame Kevin!! ;P

Photo of us with the groom and bride (Alan, Nichole)

We watched Twilight Saga-Eclipse later that night

It's a good idea watching a romantic love movie after wedding dinner, it makes you feel soooo in love with Edward / Jack your boyfriend. Hahaha!! :P
Bad weather yesterday, I managed to cover Shopaholic & sister. Hmmm now I'm rethinking about my future marriage :P

Would it be difficult to live with me?