Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alor Setar, Kedah

Saw these bunch of "abandoned" photos in photo album. Thought you might want to have a look at Alor Setar. It was my 1st visit to Alor Setar, Kevin's mum is from AS, she goes to AS few times in a year, not very frequent tho.. hope you enjoy the piccies below :)

Bidor Perak, stopped by for lunch

This is the infamous famous chinese style cafe in Bidor. Hmmm... their braised or Roasted(?) Duck noodles is a MUST-TRY

We waited for more than 45 minutes for an empty table..
To be true, I don't think the noodles worth our 45 minutes..because..

....it's sold out, we had this Wantan noodles instead (What d'fcuk?!)
It tasted just like every other Wantan noodles in KL (Double fcuk!)
to be precise, it didn't tasted as good! (triple fcukkk!!)

Headed to Alor Setar, Kedah

Scenery along the way

Reached after driving for like..6 hours(?). Maybe more than 6 hours
I like their Post office, why can't we have it in KL?

Even their Police station looks nicer than city centre -_-"

Had dinner in Dai Ka Lok

Everything's cheaper in there

Favourite Tom Yam

The same fish we had in Langkawi!!
I miss my girl friends :(

"Alor Star" soybeans

Went to a temple for breakfast the next morning

Hahaha actually it's not a temple, it WAS a temple (I thought so)

The interior

They have fine selections of Chinese style breakfast Dim Sum

This is the BEST in town :D


"Lo Bak Gou"

My favourite redbeans (PAO)!

This has to be Kevin's favourite

and..this is the best of all, brown sugar cake

Eeh? Realise something?
You didn't see me in the whole entry!!
I didn't like to take photo (that particular month!), I had no idea why...most probably because of my lousy hair. Anyway, it saved your eyes

Happy? :P



CathJ said...

food looks good ohhh....^_^

violetmay said...

Yup, not bad not bad :)))

Dr V said...

That food looks so good! The fish looks so happy it's not sitting on the table in-front of you and your girlfriends. That Langkawi fish didn't suffer long on your table! Maybe like 2 minutes, and it was only bones. hahaha