Monday, January 24, 2011

Shuian Hotel 日月潭水岸

The hotel we checked-in in Sun Moon Lake Shuian Hotel 水岸

Vern, Agnes, Lisa and I stayed at the same room, a room with 2 queen sized bed...tada~

I couldn't decide which photo is nicer :P

Our beds

The washroom

View from our room

Facing the lake.. :)

We visited Christine and Alex, their room was just next to us

Their bathroom...facing the lake

Nah, actually their room is facing the lake
Hmmm check the washroom, they could still see each other even one's on bed another one's sh*tting :P

I'm very OK with the rooms, in fact I thought it's really nice...but I couldn't understand why Christine was disappointed with their room until I checked the hotel's website...CLICK
I advise you not to click it, because I find the photos at their portal is too much nicer than the real room. Ooh well....maybe other rooms are as per photos ;P