Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time for a change

A minor one, haha :P

I've been wearing this simple barbell for about 4 years, I didn't know how to remove it until recent month...

Saw this cute belly button ring in Ximen Ding Taipei...thought it's cute :)
It costs me TWD300

1st day of wearing it...
...also the last day of me seeing "it"
I felt uncomfortable wearing it, I removed it when I was out shopping. I didn't have small bag to put it and so the genius violet in me decided to wrap it with a tissue, and put in bag. I totally forgot about it until few days later when I wore back my simple barbell... I couldn't find it in my bag. I think I threw it away together with other tissues FML :'(
I was not too upset actually, cos I didn't think I would wear it again. But still I was a bit upset because I thought for a change! LOL :P Anyway I got a "replacement" few days later...
Cute right? :D
But it's quite pricey...about RM79

I think I'll stuck with this pink little thing for another 4 years :P



Dr V said...

Wow...V V up close as we've never seen before. haha Seriously, too bad luck about the Taipei ring. Maybe it's a little painful mistake, but I'm sure that's 1 mistake you'll never make again. AND, at least you found another ring you like enough to wear for the next 4 or 10 years. ^_^

Hey, maybe I can chain my refrigerator to my belly button so that I don't forget to eat. Believe it or not, I'm too stupid to know when I'm hungry. Thanks for the inspiration! :p

violetmay said...

It'll never happen again because I'm not going to buy another lousy quality (which caused me pain) belly rings :P