Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peafowl Park in Sun Moon Lake 日月潭孔雀园

Peacockfowl Park in Sun Moon Lake

When we were on the way there, I seriously didn't know what to expect, I didn't feel excited to go there at all, but it's one of the tourist spot so I thought...

The entrance
**No entrance fees charged

So this is it

The park map

The one and only photo of me in this entry

So this is the peafowl park...nothing like KL Bird Park.
To be true, I didn't find it special/attractive at all, but when I browsed back these photos, I recalled every beautiful peafowls I saw and I...kind of miss it :)
It's actually a beautiful park, maybe I was too exhausted to appreciate everything I saw, but I'm glad I took photos :)

They could run freely at the park, but the park is fenced

This is the "common" peacock we saw everywhere

For rare one, they're locked in cages

I learned something from this peafowl park, people always try to be "special", but sometimes, "common" is not a bad idea at all..
Hope you like the photos :)



Mike said...

Beautiful birds, Miss Voon!

Thanks for sharing - as always!