Friday, January 7, 2011

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭


Sun Moon Lake Shui She Harbor

Around the harbor

The lake water is clear and clean, there are some nice restaurants/cafes around the harbor, a bit regret for not staying there for a cup of tea :(

On board..


Going to a view point 玄光寺

Alex and Christine

Vern kacau me from behind, hmmpf!

Lisa, taking our pic (Vern took this) :P

Haha, spot Lisa in Agnes's sunshades! :P

Reached after 10-15 minutes

阿麽香菇茶叶蛋The famous boiled eggs

I swear this was the nicest/yummiest 茶叶蛋 that I've ever had. I never liked 茶叶蛋 before

Miss it so much..

In fact all of us LOVE it!
Guess what, we had another one before we went off :P

Please try it if you ever go there ;)

Random captures

Alex and Christine, walking hand in sweet ;)

Sweet :P

Didn't know I can look like that O_o"

The master of calligraphy

To be continued :P



Mike said...

I was just looking at your pictures thinking how you seem to be getting lovelier and more elegant.

Then I saw
and I almost burst out laughing.


violetmay said...

Yeah, I looked so funny there...candid snapshot, you couldn't ask for more :P