Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Ta Thao 伊达邵

Sorry for the lack of updates, didn't expect I would be so freaking busy with work. Need to wake up earlier everyday, and I'm already sleepy at 9pm :'(

Anyway, 45 photos before I pass out.
All taken in Sun Moon lake, er... I Ta Thao 伊达邵? I believe it's called.
At the harbour

Doggies running around

Dogs are everywhere in Taiwan

I Ta Thao
See? That's why I believe this spot is called I Ta Thao, I didn't create it haha :P

Random snapshots

You'll get to see some candid snapshots :P

The famous 阿萨姆红茶

Spot Christine and I

Lots of people were lining to buy veggies "pao"

It's one of the "must eat" in Sun Moon Lake

Errr....I never like veggies

Guess what...

It's the yummiest foods we had in Taiwan T_T
We miss it already

and we had this Taiwanese tea which I forgot the name

and we saw this very h*rny building..


Bunch of h*rny men

and 3 h*rny ladies :P

4 h*rny ladies in fact :P

Running fast to catch the boat, we were the last group on board :S

I still could take nice pictures while I was running

On board
Lisa and tour guide Momo

Hmm, meet our tour guide Momo's wife :P
That's all for tonight, night bye!