Saturday, January 8, 2011


Had Tenji Japanese Buffet the other day..

I never liked buffet...I can't eat much, it's a waste of money foods if we couldn't finish what we take.

Anyway everyone said Tenji is better than Jogoya, I thought we should give it a try :P


Black pepper edamame..yikes -_-"

I don't like oysters -_-"

Grilled beef, yum!

Fried soft shell crabs


Overall, the foods were OK, maybe should try their supper next time... ;)

P/S: I still think Jogoya is better :P



Dr V said...

Like you, I've never liked buffets either. I can get full just from the aroma of all that food. The food looks delicious, and I love the variety. Unfortunately buffets are mostly feasts for my eyes--rather than my stomach.

Tenji looks great! Hope you both had a fabulous time.