Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the road

Day 3 in

It's like ever-ending story :P
Lisa and I, just showered

We looked quite blurrrrred
You see, we slept not more than 3 hours for 2 continuous days

Had breakfast
卤肉饭, not really... :(

Random foods we ordered

Quite cheap, TWD30 for a bowl

Vern and Agnes :)

Our driver (Momo) cum tour guide came to pick us up, we engaged with him for 4 days :)

In Momo's car

Ah and this!
Alex bought this before we got in car, we didn't have much time for breakfast.
Something like 糯米鸡 Glutinous Rice

The yummiest food we had in Taiwan so far

Me :)

On the way to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

From Taichung to Sun Moon Lake is about 2 hours drive, not very far...we visited gas station. Realized their petrol is more expensive (silly, of course!)

Hmmm I think our gas station is more organized :P
Next time I might take a few photos of me pumping petrol haha
That's all for today, more tomorrow :)



ahfatt said...

yer..why you selalu go out "Eat Pray Love" one...selalu go ciak hong syok, envy oh~

violetmay said...

No la where got? I'll be in penjara soon :'((
Before that must eat more and play more :P